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Sidney 29th July 2005 18:45

Nforce4 SLI for Intel - two retail boards
Both of these motherboards are very appealing to anyone considering an Intel-based gaming rig - they're packed with great features and with a performance at the very top end on all accounts. Watercooled, the potential is huge, as Prescott processors can go far when kept cool enough, so coupled with a pair of NV4x/G70 video cards in SLI you could have both a fantastic workstation and gaming rig in one. A low profile waterblock for the southbridge would ease some of the heat worries that we have related to the C19 southbridge.

Importantly, a digital SLI bridge is employed on this motherboard. Instead of the traditional piece of PCB that is normally switched between single graphics or SLI mode, MSI have designed an auto sensing feature to electrically determine when a second graphics card is installed and to reshuffle the PCI-Express lanes enabling SLI mode. This makes it easier for the end user to quickly change between modes if necessary, and offers no chance of loosing the necessary extra PCB commonly employed elsewhere.


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