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jmke 21st April 2004 12:53

Next 3DMark Info
Current 3DMark03 Approved Drivers

The objective of Futuremark benchmarks is to enable objective performance
comparison between various IHVs hardware. In order to achieve this, we have
specified a set of rules that a driver must fulfill in order for us to
recommend it for 3DMark03 usage. Below is a list of the latest drivers that
fulfill the rules.

Futuremark recommends the following WHQL drivers to be used for dependable
benchmarking with 3DMark03 Build 340:


Latest Approved WHQL Drivers:
ATI Catalyst 4.4 Drivers - WinXP
ATI Catalyst 4.4 Drivers - Win2000
ATI Catalyst 4.3 Drivers - WinME

Note: Microsoft no longer accepts certification submissions for the WinME
operating system. The Catalyst 4.3 Driver is the latest WHQL WinME Driver for
the Radeon Series.


Latest Approved WHQL Drivers:
Matrox Drivers - WinXP
Matrox Drivers - Win2000


Latest Approved WHQL Drivers:
NVIDIA ForceWare 52.16 Drivers - WinXP
NVIDIA ForceWare 52.16 Drivers - Win2000

Please note: the 52.16 drivers have 3DMark03 specific optimizations for the
Feature Pixel Shader 2.0 test and that specific score is solely comparable
between NVIDIA cards. It does not affect the Game Test 4 result though both
use PixelShader 2.0.

Special Approval: Futuremark has reviewed the ForceWare 60.72 drivers for the
GeForce 6800 Series graphics cards at NVIDIA's specific request. We found that
the 60.72 drivers used with the GeForce 6800 Series fulfill the optimization
guidelines for 3DMark03 Build 340. Please note that the ForceWare 60.72
drivers are approved only for the GeForce 6800 Series graphics cards, and any
future approved WHQL drivers will replace the 60.72 non-WHQL drivers.


Latest Approved WHQL Drivers:
SiS Xabre 3.10 Drivers - WinXP
SiS Xabre 3.10 Drivers - Win2000
SiS Xabre 3.10 Drivers - WinME

Tested official WHQL Drivers:

ATI Catalyst 3.9, 3.10, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4 Drivers
Matrox Drivers
NVIDIA ForceWare 52.16, 53.03, 56.64, 56.72 Drivers
SiS Xabre 3.10 Drivers
XGI Volari-Reactor 1.01, 1.02 Drivers

For further information, list of older driver versions and notes about the
drivers; please look here:

RichBa5tard 21st April 2004 13:25

Hehe, so there are no XGI volari drivers without cheats? :)

jmke 21st April 2004 13:48

uhm, approved are the 3.1 series apparantly :)

RichBa5tard 21st April 2004 14:35

You're confusing XGI with Sis. :)

jmke 21st April 2004 14:54

Yep, sowwy

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