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jmke 14th June 2006 12:28

New Mouse Optimized for MMO and RTS from Razor
XYZComputing has a review of Razer's new Krait mouse which is specifically designed for massively multiplayer online gaming as opposed to the usual design focus of first-person shooters. From the article: 'The criteria for an appropriate mouse for each style of gaming are different, or at least Razer would want you to think that this is the case. With the market starting to accept products like gaming mice and gaming keyboards, it was only a matter of time until someone introduced a mouse for a certain type of game. While it is easy to be skeptical of such an idea, Razer has a great reputation and may actually be onto something here

The Senile Doctor 14th June 2006 12:47

five mice for adventure/fps/rts/3rd person/non gaming

jmke 14th June 2006 12:53

comments at Slashdot are brutal and to the point as usual


With only 3 buttons, no way I'll be using this mouse in WoW. I ran out of buttons here on a Logitech G5: left and right for the usual select and action, thumb is an instant cast I use often so you can hold your hand on WSAD, tilt left is autorun, tilt right is the "oh ****" button, desperate prayer on my priest, ice block on my mage.

It may seem an overkill at first, but it really is much easier to keep moving / casting with your left hand and not have to worry about the actions mapped on the mouse.



I can't even start to understand how the number of clics per minute you can perform with that thing may impact your RTS experience (you usually aren't limited by your clicking speed and most good RTS players use keyboard shortcuts a damn lot, making mouse much less important), and it's even worse for MMORPGs (which you can usually play pretty efficiently without even having a mouse if you know the keybindings).

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