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jmke 20th October 2006 15:47

New CPU Heatsinks from Coolermaster
To defeat the intolerable heat from the CPU, Cooler Master brings you three brand new heat terminators-air coolers with comprehensive cooling performances and superior silent features. These coolers not only cool the CPUs but also their surroundings (VRM, Memory, NB Chipset, and etc). And how do they achieve excellent cooling performances? Eclipse and Hyper TX both have an unique fan duct design, which localize the airflow and leads them directly to the CPU to succeed maximum cooling effects. Mars takes in cool air in the dome shaped stacked fins and distributes the air in multi-directions, which cool CPU and its surrounding areas thoroughly. The coolers have intelligent fan controller, when you wish for peace and quiet working environment, simply choose the silent mode.

Hyper TX Magical CPU Cooler for the Best Ventilation

For the Hyper TX series, we provide two versions to support AMD AM2 and Intel Core 2 Duo. Hyper TX has a copper base and aluminum heat sink with three embedded heat pipes so it achieves excellent heat dissipation. It is suitable for instant assembly/disassembly without removing the motherboard. The special fan duct leads the airflow and helps to cool down the surrounding components simultaneously. The 90mm silent fan with special fan blades and frame design inhales huge airflow just as a 100mm fan would while saving you space. The shockproof design reduces the friction between the fan and the fins, giving you the best silent cooling solution you expect from Cooler Master.

Mars The Invincible Champion

Mars is the new generation cooler for the latest AMD Socket AM2 and Intel Core 2 Duo. The special design of embedded fan with blue LED, enclosed in the dome shaped stacked fins accelerates the heat dissipation process. Not only does Mars present a spectacular sight but also provides an effective cooling environment. The aluminum heat sink with three heat pipes provides excellent heat dissipation. And its intelligent Fan Speed Controller (PWM / Silent / Performance Modes) allows you to have total control over the cooling performance.

Eclipse Spectacular Cooling Invasion

Eclipse is the realization of a lifestyle that integrates style and function, beauty and technology. Eclipse's exceptional design of a gliding fan duct impeccably channels the airflow to cool down not only CPU itself, but also the surrounding components. Eclipse supports both the latest AMD AM2, Intel Core 2 Dual and Intel Core 2 extreme. The aluminum heat sink and copper base with four embedded heat pipes achieve superior cooling performance. The turbine fan design with Intelligent Fan Speed Controller (PWM / Silent / Performance Modes) inhales steady and tremendous airflow while the fan blade configuration reduces the air-eddy and the noise effectively. In addition, the flexible assembling applications provide the interference-free installation.

wutske 20th October 2006 16:00

3x review request :D

SuAside 21st October 2006 15:58

weirdass design, but that's a good thing. we can use some more innovation in the cpu cooler market.

as for "Mars", looks to me you get to trash the entire unit if the fan dies (i'm probably wrong, but it looks like that). of course, for the others you'll need to order & ship a special separate fan, which probably means paying as much as a whole new unit.

Rutar 21st October 2006 16:16

if it isn't tested by madshrimps, I won't even bother to comment on them

jmke 21st October 2006 16:23

I need S775 test setup:)

anybody got a spare old S775 mobo and 90nm "hot" LGA775 CPU? doens't have to be dual core, core 2 duo or anything fance, just a hot CPU and S775 mobo (DDR1 support would be handy)

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