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Sidney 17th August 2005 19:19

NEC MultiSync FE992-BK 19 Inch CRT Display
Although the focus of the display market has shifted to LCDs there are still those who are firmly sticking with their cathode ray tubes. Whether this is being done for value, color accuracy, or downright stubbornness varies case to case but the fact remains that CRTs still have their purpose. The computer industry, more so than most other fields, loves to write-off older technology but even cursory research into displays will reveal that CRTs still have much to offer. This review will be taking a look at NEC's new MultiSync FE992, a 19" display. Given the size and specs this would have, some time ago, been a desirable product but today it will be overlooked by many people who only want a LCD display. We will be examining the product, seeing how relevant it is, and testing how it compares to the new technologies to which we have grown so fond.


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