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jmke 2nd March 2010 17:51

Naked Geforce GTX 480 Spy Shots & Availability: 5000 Samples WorldWide
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Not yet introduced the GTX 480, Nvidia's next top model, at the Cebit only in some hermetically sealed systems implemented. succeeded however in order to display a single camera shots. The Nvidia card is marked in various ways, so pictures of the cards to various manufacturers can be traced. To prevent this, some features of the card obscured.

In the pictures, the GF100-chip to see that, consistent with previous speculation, an area of over 500mm2 seems to have. Moreover, the GPU has a A2 revision, though it is known that a revision is A3. There are also 12 memory chips of 128MB each likely to see what is good for 1.5 GB of memory. An 8-pin-and-a 6pin pci-e connector with the gpu of puncture. Two SLI connectors make it possible for the video card in three-way SLI setups to use the card and further equipped with two DVI connectors and a mini-HDMI plug.

Moreover knew other sources to tell that an initial print run of 5,000 copies worldwide is expected. Moreover, some manufacturers have priority in the GF100-extradition of cpu's, so some brands will have to watch the launch.


piotke 2nd March 2010 19:17

What' with the marking over the power connectors ? ;)

jmke 2nd March 2010 19:20

maybe a way to identify who leaked the board?

Gamer 3rd March 2010 06:32

I removed that black marking with MS Paint and all there is to see is that the powerconnector is white.


jmke 3rd March 2010 08:42

Revolutionary !

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