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jmke 20th October 2008 16:35

MSI X58 Motherboard Line-Up for 2008 Leaked
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Kougar 20th October 2008 22:34

No link?

Saw this photograph elsewhere a few weeks ago, got a link back to it?

jmke 20th October 2008 23:44

was an inside source; got the pic through email a few weeks back, but missed it as I was on Holiday at the time :)

Kougar 21st October 2008 01:01

Not 100% sure I saw this exact photo, but I am 100% sure I've seen this exact MSI slide 2+ weeks ago...

Thanks for posting though, had lost my bookmark for it and was looking for it...

jmke 21st October 2008 07:22

I don't doubt it was posted before :)

Kougar 21st October 2008 17:35

Hm, now EVGA looks to be entering the Intel motherboard business...,8269.html

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