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Sidney 3rd February 2006 16:44

MSI socket M2 motherboard pixellated
SOCKET M2 or AM2 motherboards are almost done. At least MSI has sort of finished its one. The company is getting ready to embrace AMD's new socket and its new motherboard is actually powered with Nvidia next generation chipset.
The chipset is also pixellated and is namedthe MCP55. It is Nvidia's high end socket M2 chipset. It should not be that much different from the previous Nforce 4 chipsets as the memory controller is in the CPU not in chipset but some changes can be expected.

It is a single chip chipset so we donít expect to have 32 PCIe lanes for graphic cards. You usually need two chips Northbridge and Southbridge for it.

The boards are branded as K9N Platinum and support SLI marchitecture, six S-ATA drives, has for DDR 2 dim slots, two PCIe 16X slots, two PCIe 4X slots, two PCI and MSI's special CNR like slot.

This might mean that AMD is on the track with M2, AM2 transition but we are not sure that AMD actually know how to call its socket. Memory manufactures should be happy as they have some heck of a fast DDR 2 memories some running at even 800 MHz.

Sidney 3rd February 2006 16:44

Photos here

easypanic 3rd February 2006 21:02

Looking good, nice board layout :).

Learning Dutch, lazyman? ;)

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