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jmke 31st December 2008 08:41

MSI says Gigabyte is selling crippled G41/G43/G45 Based Motherboards
Right in time for the new years party, some dirt slinging by MSI.
We are leaking a picture where MSI attack Gigabyte for serious issues with few Gigabyte motherboard models with chipsets G41, G43 and G45, where the PCI-E x16 in reality is masked x4 slot. The problem affects all revisions of Gigabyte EG45M-DS2H, EG43M-SH2H and EG41MF-S2H.Not only that this might limit the VGA's performance by up to four times but MSI also claim that x4 slots have bad compatibility and if your card is not listed on Gigabyte's website as supported, than you can only hope that your card works fine on one of the above mobos.


Kougar 31st December 2008 16:38

This has always been the case.

Gigabyte doesn't try to hide this, just read the specs for the motherboards in question. They still use a 16x slot so cards will fit into the slot.

Past G3x boards were the same way... The only thing I see noteworthy is that the only G43 board that does this is Gigabyte's. Everyone else uses at least one 16x electrical slot... SuperMicro's G43 has both.

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