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jmke 15th April 2005 14:17

MSI P4N Diamond: Extreme in Performance, More User-Friendly
MSI P4N Diamond
Extreme Increase in Performance and Even More User-Friendly SLI(tm) Solution

MSI, the leading computer motherboard manufacturer, continues to provide cutting-edge technology with the P4N Diamond. The nForce 4 SLI Intel Edition chipset on this motherboard provides best performance for enthusiasts and power gamers. Furthermore, MSI managed to reveal the full potential of today's technology by including exclusive overclocking features and other smart technology solutions, like MSI D.O.T. Express, Sound Blaster Live! 24Bit and Dolby Digital Sound, DDR2 memory support up to 16Gb and 933MHz, digital switch for SLI platform, PCI-Express chip solutions, SATA2 and RAID, network connectivity and security.

The nVidia nForce4 SLI Intel Edition chipset (a.k.a.C19) used on the MSI P4N Diamond motherboard supports the complete range of Intel's Pentium 4 CPU's, which includes the Extreme Edition (FSB 1066 MHz), 6xx and 5xx series, Pentium-D and all forthcoming generation Intel processor on the LGA775 socket platform. This also includes all the technologies that come with these processors, like EM64T and XD-bit.


D.O.T. Express for Dynamic Overclocking
The intelligent heart on MSI's P4N Diamond is the CoreCell chip. The Dynamic Overclocking Technology allows to pre-set the preferred overclocking rate and adjusts all system settings automatically. It also includes some very smart self-checking technology, so it's extremely safe and can be enabled or disabled at any time. The 'dynamic' technology adjusts system values only when needed and by doing so it maintains maximum component lifespan. D.O.T. Express needs a response time of just 1Ás to enable the selected performance levels and makes sure maximum system stability is maintained.

Cell Menu
To meet the requirements of power-users, the special Cell Menu in the BIOS not only allows to use presets for overclocking but opens up full control for all important motherboard components. Overclockers can take full control over their motherboard and let it shatter barriers they only dare dreaming of.

Sound Blaster Live! 24Bit and Dolby Digital Sound
The P4N Diamond is equipped with 7.1 Channel High-Definition Audio chip from Creative, which has Dolby Digital EX certification. The onboard audio features EAX Dolby advanced HD. This gaming effect standard is supported by some of the hottest games ever! Check out Unreal Tournament 2004 and Call of Duty or for more games

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