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jmke 12th July 2004 09:02

MS Windows XP 64-bit Edition Does not Run on Intelís 64-bit Chips
A report over InfoWorld web-site says current beta version of Microsoft Windows XP 64-bit Edition operating system cannot be installed on servers and workstations based on Intel Xeon processors with ďNoconaĒ core supporting EM64T from Intel. Microsoftís officials confirmed this, saying that the operating system was configured to run only on AMD64 chips.

Windows Detects AMD64 Chips

Currently available beta version of Microsoft Windows XP 64-bit Edition was only tested to run on AMD64 central processing units and thus detects whether an AMD Athlon 64 or AMD Opteron powers the PC during the installation process. The reason for this is that Microsoftís specialist did not test any other chips apart from two mentioned with the companyís forthcoming operating system.

While AMD and Intelís processors with 64-bit extensions are generally compatible, some capabilities of the chips are not equal. For example, AMD sports 3DNow! instructions, while Intel sports Hyper-Threading technology. Furthermore, chips may handle different instructions in different way, therefore, Microsoft will need to do some additional work in order to ensure flawless compatibility with Intelís microprocessors.

Intel and Microsoft have promised that the final versions of both Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 for 64-bit extended systems will run on Xeon and Opteron servers without any hitches, according to the report. Currently Microsoft is working on another beta version of Windows XP 64-bit that will be compatible with Intelís chips.


Sidney 12th July 2004 18:39

Wow, Does it mean two OS's from Microsoft?:eek:

This will differential AMD and Intel Users, if Bill Gates has the ball to do so.

Configurus 14th July 2004 15:37

Yeah This Would Kick *** Intel :mad:

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