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jmke 12th January 2007 10:59

More CES 2007 Coverage
2007 is not only the 40th anniversary of CES, but it's also the first time that has co-hosted a party with "Night Before CES Party" Alumni, Joined by, Cooltronics as well as sponsors OCZ and Bigfoot Networks, it was a night to remember.

The CES meetings continue with the folks at CoolerMaster. They were happy to show us the goods including a few new cases and some coolers. Check it out!

On the Second Day of CES, ThermalTake showed us a ton of heatsinks and power supplies, and some really funny looking things. How funny you ask? Read on to find out!

Expectation for this year's CES have been quite mixed. While this is the number one time of the year for a company to make a big product release every year can't be a blockbuster and this year was decidedly more about evolution than revolution. The large majority of what happens at CES has to do with consumer electronics, which means that while computer hardware companies do show up they are not the focus and they are definitely not in the majority. When it comes down to it, CES is all about big money consumer electronics products, like LCD televisions and cell phones, not so much computer cases, hard drives, and motherboards. That said, there are more than enough companies here to keep things interesting and while we did a lot of CE coverage, we are going to keep things separate so all you computer enthusiasts can get what you want and then read about the rest if you want.

“We continue our coverage of CES 2007 by discussing some of the more innovational products on display including OLED-based products, 1 Terabyte Hard Drives, external graphics, portable gaming notebooks, and ASUS’ new SlideShow Technology notebook.We also take a look at Samsung’s new Full-HD 27-inch display.”

"Day 4 is here and it is the last day of the 2007 CES. Joe and I both admit that our first year covering CES has been a big learning experience. But as with new things, they are always rough and many lessons are learned. Lesson #1, to hell with fashion, I am getting a much more comfortable shoes for next year."

D-BOX, the Canadian manufacturer of high-end motion sensing home theater seats, has entered the gaming market with the new GP-100 Gaming Platform. This is a racing chair that cost $15,000. Will gamers buy it?

jmke 12th January 2007 11:00

I think you can buy quite a decent CAR for $15.000,who is his right mind would spend that much on a chair ;)

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