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jmke 27th July 2007 15:47

Microsoft Vista SP1 not until 2009?
Microsoft has apparently told executives at one of the world's largest PC makers not to expect a formal release of Windows Vista SP1 -- the first major set of upgrades and bug fixes to its Vista operating system -- until 2009 at the earliest. That explains why Microsoft was so desperate to correct erroneous reports, spread by a careless team of developers at Microsoft, that a beta version of SP1 would be out last week. Microsoft now says it ''currently anticipates'' a beta of SP1 later this year. Anticipations, of course, are not always met. Especially if you're a sluggish beast like Microsoft, with thousands of developers to keep in train on a release. And this delay would have wide aftershocks.

jmke 27th July 2007 15:48

if this is true... all I have to say is: expect low Vista sales in 2008 ;)

Sidney 27th July 2007 16:38

Still, that won't affect MS sales in total because XP continues to make up the difference; MS is not losing anything just the "feeling" is hurt a little with which MS may not have anyway.

The hurts come from memory sales expectation pending Vista picking up steam. DX10 game development is taking it's time, again no incentive for MS to hurry. When all of a sudden SP1 comes out early, there will be free advertising as people all over will jump into the story.

MS is playing this game very well. Unless, Vista is so good that no one wants to buy. Now, we are talking instead of whining. We are so deep into MS's trap including the 1.4 billions Chinese, it will take an economic melt down to kill Windows;)

jmke 27th July 2007 17:06

never said it would melt down Windows:) but it melts down their marketing schemes:)

Sidney 27th July 2007 17:35

MS will admit that;)

FireTech 27th July 2007 22:56


Originally Posted by jmke (Post 150531)
expect low Vista sales in 2008 ;)

Agreed, the only way they'll increase Vista sales before SP1 is by killing off XP...

gdzilla 28th July 2007 10:17

I think if they kill XP before Vista SP1 is released, they will loose a lot of people to Mac / Linux.

Because Mac is allready a valid alternative for years, and linux is getting there. Linux just needs better support from the gaming industries, and Mac just needs a price-reduction :)

Rutar 28th July 2007 10:47

indeed, because once you go MAC you never look back

jmke 28th July 2007 10:55

unless your company has no mac compatible software. yup, that makes 99% of them out there :D

SuAside 28th July 2007 13:02

if the 2009 thing is true; that'd truly suck...

i was kinda hoping to see it Q1 2008 :P

@ Rutar: make that Linux ;)

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