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Stefan Mileschin 15th October 2012 07:24

Megaupload successor nearly ready
Kim Dotcom has announced that his new file sharing website is almost ready and he has designed it so that US authorities can't shut it down.

Dotcom said that he has completed the 90 per cent of his work on "new Mega" and "Megabox", a music site that he announced in June. The site will be hosted by servers outside the US.

Megabox will allow users to download music for free in exchange for accepting some advertisements and, 90 percent of the revenue will go to the artists.

It means that fans and the artist will be able to do business without middlemen, which is why it will become a target for Big Content.

According to a video posted by Dotcom on YouTube, Megabox will take advantage of social media tools to show trends and will allow users to upload their own music.

US authorities are still trying to extradite Dotcom from New Zealand, where he's a resident, claiming he infringed copyright laws and that he earned tens of millions of dollars while movie makers and songwriters lost some $500 million.

But the extradition hearing will take place in March 2013 and, if convicted, Dotcom faces up to 20 years in a US jail. But it is starting to look like the US and NZ governments stuffed up their handling of the case on both sides of the Pacific Ocean. Not only is extradition less likely, but even if the case gets to the US, Dotcom could walk on a technicality.

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