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jmke 11th April 2007 13:01

Meet AMD's 65nm R600 - the R650
R600 is going to be more affordable than any GPU part after Radeon 9700Pro and 9800Pro. AMD wants to undercut current high-end price bracket by $100-150, so expect an 8800GTX performing part for the price of 8800GTS. This is not all.

Rutar 11th April 2007 16:37

happy happy, joy joy?

still, wouldn't be good enough for me to justify an upgrade over my 512MB x1800XT

Kougar 11th April 2007 22:50

Well that was a distinctly positive article? Anyone care to go out on a limb and say 1ghz core clocks on higher-end R650's? :woot:

Oh, it's "good enough" for me... I need at least a 512mb card for this size monitor, one that runs Folding@Home like there is no tomorrow, and finally it will put my watercooling setup to some real use. Nothing quite like getting almost 2,000 PPD from a single computer... |D

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