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jmke 27th September 2003 10:40

Mcw-chill 452

Da_BoKa 27th September 2003 10:48

so this is a sepparated cooling-unit or what??


jmke 27th September 2003 11:26

to cool your water down

OPPainter made such a waterchiller with Pelts and all

jmke 27th September 2003 11:28

pic of his chilla

TeuS 27th September 2003 12:12

that doesn't impress me, I can make my own 240W chiller for 100

I was going to make one, but I ran of of money

jmke 27th September 2003 12:15

it is not supposed to impress..

TeuS 27th September 2003 12:18

I know, but $330 for a 80W chiller? :/
and with pump/rad etcetera it'll be as expensive as phase change

it's a good solution though,if you don't know what to do with your money.

jmke 27th September 2003 12:21

you can't compare prices between ready-made professional material and home-made extreme-pelting/cooling

2 different markets

jmke 14th October 2003 15:03


Two hotside loops cooled by large single pass heatercores with 2 120mm Papst 100CFM fans each. With peltiers at 12V and 13.8V (these were the PSUs we had) water temperatures quickly (within a minute) start to dramatically drop. For testing we used a MCW5000-a waterblock, an Eheim 1048, and 3/8" ID tubing and a ball valve to throttle pump.

CPU: TBredB 1700+ @ 2084MHz and 2.00V

Diode temp from epox 8k3a+ motherboard: 12 C
Room temperature 23 C (but rising)
water temps measured on inlet and outlet side of chiller were 1.90 C and 3.45 C (with Digitecs)

The Senile Doctor 14th October 2003 18:39

if anybody sees a review of this and the effect it does, i'd like to see it :)

this fits into my case :), phasechange doesn't

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