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jmke 23rd August 2004 09:55

[M] Server HDD crashed
The HDD which stores the website information crashed this morning around 10. Thanks to a quick reaction from the site was only down for 20-30 minutes. We are now back up and running with a restore of data from last night at 3am.

We would to extend our gratitude to Priorweb for their help in resolving this issue.

Photo's from our modded dedicated 2U server can be found here:

Sidney 23rd August 2004 15:30

Excellent service and outstanding recovery time:drink:

StaRflaM 23rd August 2004 16:54

that means there's to mush spam huh boys ;)

jmke 23rd August 2004 17:12

can you repeat that? :p

Blue_Boy 23rd August 2004 22:00


GorenBarry 23rd August 2004 23:22

didn't notice :p
great service from priorweb :D

StaRflaM 24th August 2004 11:50


Originally posted by GorenBarry
didn't notice :p
great service from priorweb :D

who awake @ 10h or is at home ? ;)

most ppl sleep/work then, i sleep :D

piotke 24th August 2004 14:36

Server is colocated somewhere....

Most people are about 3 hours awake at 10 o' clock....

jmke 24th August 2004 14:52

The server is in Brussel
the problem was resolved remotely! :ws:

tom 28th August 2004 15:17


Originally posted by StaRflaM

who awake @ 10h or is at home ? ;)

most ppl sleep/work then, i sleep :D

we start working every day @ 9u00 am ;)

Raid has arrived and will be installed somewhere this week overnight.

Law of murphy decided a scsi disk in one of our mysql servers died also last wednesday :(

expect small downtime normally this wednesday for removing the bad HD.

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