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jmke 22nd April 2009 21:49

[M] OCZ Vertex 30Gb SSD Tested in Older Acer Aspire 9420 Laptop
A quick drive swap revived this older Acer Aspire 9420, equipped with 1.66ghz Core 2 Duo (T5500) and 2Gb Ram, the original disk was large (160gb) but slow (5400rpm); a fresh install of Windows 7 on a Vertex 30Gb SSD makes this laptop fly, bootup time: 34 seconds. Applications open almost instantly, night and day difference in performance and this with a simple was of HDD to SSD, an operation do-able by most people for their laptops, without voiding warranty!


The limiting factor of this laptop is the chipset which limits the read/write speeds of the Vertex to ~100Mb/s (it's 240/160 on a desktop), but that doesn't limit the performance much as responsiveness is more important and this speed bump (0.1ms) is really what makes the difference.

On average classic laptop HDDs score between 2-7mb/s in the XP Startup Speed test of PCMark05; with the Vertex inside the Acer this goes up to 51mb/s. ;-D

Bosw8er 22nd April 2009 22:59

Wonder if this could revive my celeron 566 notebook with 6gb HD? :david:
Great music btw

jmke 22nd April 2009 23:10

depends, don't think it supports SATA, so you'll have to look into PATA SSD, those are not widely available and only offer so-so performance

music in video is theme song from Tropic Thunder, killer soundtrack that movie has!

wutske 23rd April 2009 07:48

Looks very interesting, tough a bit small in size :redface: .

jmke 23rd April 2009 08:33

laptop or SSD?;)

wutske 23rd April 2009 10:39

SSD :p

jmke 23rd April 2009 11:14

since I'm only using this drive for the occasional test, I did not want to go all out;)
30gb was expensive enough

wutske 23rd April 2009 14:19

for occasional test it's indeed large enough. If only these damn things became a bit less expensive I'd upgrade my laptop immediately :D

jmke 23rd April 2009 15:51

they became more expensive these last couple of weeks; from the same shop price has increased about €30 due to NAND price increase

Faiakes 23rd April 2009 20:35

I've added one in my Inspiron 1720 as the OS drive.
These are ideal if you can have 2 HDDs and have the second as the data drive.

Sadly, there is little point in paying for that kind of speed because you're not going to get all of it unless you're using a SATA-II system.

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