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jmke 5th October 2006 11:18

[M] New Dedicated Server in Use!
We have just invested quite a bit of money to speed the site up, we bought a new 1U dedicated server which is now being hosted next to our current 2U unit at the hosting company we are extremely satisfied with:!

Our older 2U server is a P4 2.4Ghz with 1GB RAM and 2x40GB PATA disks in RAID-1. The last couple of months we have noticed several slowdowns which are caused by the increased traffic to our site. In order to grow and keep the site quick we had to do something, either upgrade our current server, or start from scratch. Finding a fitting CPU for the 2U server was not an easy task, and in the end the cost would not have been worth the speed increase. Instead we opted to buy a new machine, this baby:


A 1U server case with Dual Xeon 3.4Ghz and 2GB; a 3-Ware controller puts two 80GB SATA drives into RAID-1. Powered on, with the fans running at full speed we're getting over 70dBA at 60cm... not a silent machine ;)

The current server will keep running the Apache webserver, the new one will be dedicated mysql server. We have now moved the website and forum database to the new server and you should notice a speed improvement we hope.

Please report any bugs or errors you encounter and we'll try to sort them out ASAP.

jmke 5th October 2006 15:40

thank you for spotting this bug Bosw8er, clicking on "new posts" will give you a mysql server; hope to figure out what is happening here and why.

Rutar 5th October 2006 16:12

speed is great

jmke 5th October 2006 18:15

"new posts" problem has been fixed by Cedric from Priorweb :ws:

Sidney 5th October 2006 18:22

and, it is working fine :)

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