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jmke 13th June 2006 16:28

Athlon FX-57 Overclocking - Dry Ice vs Phase Change Cooling
So what do you do a warm pre-summer day in June? Get out the dry ice of course. I already had a modified phase change cooling but was interested to see what a few blocks of ice could accomplish.

Rutar 13th June 2006 16:39

intresting would be an high end air vs water compare ;)

jmke 13th June 2006 16:42

aircooling doesn't seem to be his cup of tea;)

I'm of the opinion that an extra 100-200Mhz more CPU speed is not worth the trouble

jort 13th June 2006 16:47

hey geoffrey, don't think you will reach 4ghz with another tube. but its possible
i might get you one for a few weeks ;) the chilly1 clone :)

and about the prom and frost, check better that everything is sealed!

jmke 13th June 2006 17:58

wow, wait, that CPU costs $800+


jort 13th June 2006 18:05

euhm your pointing to me? he didn'y pay 800 :p

and what do you mean by that?

Cranox 13th June 2006 23:58

Hey wittekakker u forgot to mention ure sidekick that day :D

jmke 14th June 2006 08:35

don't blame him, blame me:) I've added you;)

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