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Sidney 16th October 2004 05:22

Logitech Z2200 THX Certified 2.1 Computer Speaker System
this product interested me right from the first time I picked it up to move the product box to the office. The incredible heft of this two channel system speaks volumes for the thick robust construction and large powerful speaker magnets that make this product what it is. Everything about this system is oversized, powerful, heavy and can only be described as a thumping and deafening tank for your computer system.
And because of these traits, I have loved it from the first press of its' power button. The sound reproduction is powerful, full ranged and crisp, the subwoofer is large enough to be strapped into that car stereo system in the local teenager's civic you hear thumping down your local street and the satellites will just laugh at you when you crank them up to full volume. Why? Because you ear drums will be on your lap long before these speakers even come close to popping.

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