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jmke 22nd January 2009 15:26

Lian Li PC-888 chassis
For those of us with our sanity intact though, it’s not enough. In fact, even if the PC-888 was the coolest and easiest case to use in the world it probably still wouldn’t be enough. Paying over £400 for a case is just nuts, even when you discount the fact that it’s outperformed and under featured in comparison to other premium cases like the awesome Cooler Master ATCS 840.

While we appreciate the exclusivity involved in its ownership there’s few or none of the benefits you’d expect from a high cost exclusive purchase. Stay in a five-star hotel and you’ll get five-star service. Buy a Lamborghini and you’ll get a super car arguably worthy of the price tag. Buy the PC-888 and you’ll get a decent chassis that, underneath the unique design and blue aluminium, is no better than a much more affordable case.

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