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Sidney 4th May 2005 16:35

Law cracks down on bosses who read company emails
COMPANY BOSSES who think they have a right to read their employee’s emails are in for a rude shock under tough new Aussie laws.
The state of New South Wales is set to be the first Australian state to outlaw unauthorised spying upon employees using video cameras, reading email and or other tracking devices.

The Workplace Surveillance Bill 2005 will make it a criminal offence to take part in any form of covert surveillance unless an employer can prove they had reasonable suspicion of wrong doing by an employee.

According to the Australian Associated Press it will put an end to the days where employers could order network managers to randomly select emails to check if their employees were penning private emails. It will stop them bugging private conversations or putting video cameras in the loos to monitor subversive movements.

Employers will now need a court order and will need to give employees notice that surveillance will be conducted, which reduces the fun of it all. It will also dry up a source of income for companies which flog such videos on the Interweb or to reality style television shows.

It will never happen in Britain, such an enlightened law, because the Brits exported all their best renegades abroad hundreds of years back leaving a lot of dross in Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England. . More here. µ

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