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jmke 13th February 2006 15:07

Laptop Gamers & LAN Parties Go Hand In Hand
With today's high power mobile processors and video cards, laptops are every bit as powerful as their bigger desktop brothers. The appeal of a gaming laptop, especially as it pertains to LAN parties, is overwhelming. With a gaming laptop, you can arrive at the LAN while everyone is half done setting up and be all set up before they're done. When the party is over, just put everything back into the laptop bag and you'll be the first out the door, while everyone else is making trips to the car.

With LAN partying in mind, I've decided to show you what I pack inside my laptop bag when heading to a LAN party. One thing for sure, this definitely beats lunging around a desktop!

jmke 13th February 2006 15:07

good luck finding a laptop which can keep up with a 7800GTX/X1900 powered lanbox

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