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jmke 3rd August 2010 17:21

Koolance CPU-LN2-V2 Liquid Nitrogen Pot
Generally well known for their water cooling products, Koolance is looking to delve into the rather niche market of extreme cooling. Certainly not mainstream, the sub-zero enthusiasts are a rabid bunch (and we include ourselves here at PureOC in that group) and very particular about things such as cooling pots. Koolance first dove into the market with their LN2 pot, and now have released the successor, the Koolance CPU-LN2-V2, which is more of a design overhaul than a new version.

If you're new to the world of extreme cooling or are looking for some guidance and information, today's discussion will hopefully help answer some of your questions. Rather than our typical product review, we've also included some guidelines and information of "How To's" for jumping into sub-zero overclocking. The Koolance CPU-LN2-V2 is just one piece of the puzzle, so let's take a closer look at it and how it might help bring you into the strange and exciting world of extreme cooling.

jmke 3rd August 2010 17:21

@Massman: how about a proper review ? :)

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