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jmke 24th January 2010 12:07

Koolance CPU-LN2 Rev2 Liquid Nitrogen Pot Review
If you didn't catch it, last year I reviewed the Koolance CPU-LN2 which perhaps should have been called the CPU-NotforLN2butgreatforDryIce. The original CPU-LN2 was more or less a bored out copper slug with very little in terms of surface area or design. Thankfully Koolance went back to the drawing board and shipped me one of their CPU-LN2 Rev2 liquid nitrogen and dry ice pots. Once again we have an exclusive first look at Koolance's latest CPU-LN2. I don't want to give away too much on the first page but let's just say it is finally worth the term LN2 in its name.

In conclusion the Rev2 embarrasses the Rev1 and gives the F1EE a run for its money. It won't replace my F1EE just yet but the huge surface area of the CPU-LN2 Rev2 may be very useful with the upcoming Gulftown processors and multi-threaded benchmarks. I didn't show video of this but I was able to pass 3DMark Vantage CPU test at a new personal record of 5360MHz. I partly attribute this to the pot allowing me to pour differently versus the F1EE. I did however have trouble besting my 3DMark 2005 runs at 5550MHz, I kept overshooting because of the light load and crashing the system.

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