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jmke 25th October 2004 08:43

Keith "Mortin" Whitsitt is no longer with us
I don't know how many people know of or remember Keith, but he's the high school kid that started and made it something through his hard work. He was my best friend in high school, and, though, lately I had not been as close to him, I will always remember him fondly. Almost everyday after he started Icrontic, I would go over to his house after school to work on the site. Though he had a tendency to step on people's toes and ultimately upset many of you online, he still created something pretty great.

After high school, he went to the University of Florida as a computer engineering major. After two years of working on that major and finishing most of the classes that were most difficult for him, he abrubtly changed his major to business. This was about a month ago, and it was one of the last times I would ever talk to Keith.

Last night, he was checked into the hospital in Gainesville, FL with a gunshot wound to the head and is now in a coma suffering from swelling of the brain and massive brain damage. Apperently his body temperature is rising to dangerous levels and his mother has chosen to pull the plug in the morning.

Sidney 25th October 2004 14:57

Sad story; but it happens ..... however, not a gun shot wound to the head which is tragic.

I like to share something rather important with you young enthusiasts. Playing with PC is fun ...... you may well be the top notch Guru in W/C, OCing, Dry-Ice, to Vapor Chill. Engineering school is quite another story. Ask any engineering grads, you would find out it is not something people want to repeat the course. I have equal amount of engineering and business degrees in my immediate family (brothers/sisters) and kids. They all turn out sucessful in their careers. I have a non-engineering degree, yet I may say I know more about PC than some engineers.

I hope some of you attaining engineering school find changing major is a matter of adjusting to what suits you best.

kristos 25th October 2004 17:48

what does bipolar mean?
gespleten persoonlijkheid?

The Senile Doctor 25th October 2004 20:03

bipolar : manic depressive.

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