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Shogun 24th July 2008 01:24

Japan's Blu-ray Recorder market growing
Shipments of Blu-ray recorders have increased in Japan to 122,000 units in June, up from 82,000 units shipped in May. This marks the first time that unit shipments have exceeded the 100,000 mark in a month.

The jump in units is attributed to the Blu-ray formats increasing growth, the anticipated pay out of Japanese mid-year bonuses and increased demand due to the Olympic games occurring in August.

jmke 24th July 2008 08:31

are lower power usage compared to PS3 the only benefits? as the price is not much lower than a full blown PS3

piotke 24th July 2008 08:42

PS3 can't record ;)

jmke 24th July 2008 08:43

woops; misread, thought it was only player

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