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jmke 20th August 2010 15:07

ISP's top data hog gobbles 2.7TB of data in a month
One Belgian can. Between July 4 and August 6 of this year, Telenet's single largest user slurped up 2.7TB of data. He was followed by similarly impressive downloaders who transferred 1.9TB, 1.5TB, and 1.3 TB.

According to Rudolf van der Berg, a Dutch Internet consultant and policy analyst, Telenet has the fastest network in the area, so this list "pretty much is the top 25 [downloaders] for Belgium." gn=rss

jmke 20th August 2010 15:10


Telenet has the fastest network in the area
nope it does not. And no it's not a list of TOP 25 Belgian downloaders. There are plenty of REAL unlimited VDSL and Cable options in Belgium with speeds surpassing 20Mbps. Giving you 3-4TB/month :)

jmke 20th August 2010 15:11

jmke 20th August 2010 15:15

and don't forget Telenet's Fair Use policy is just the same crap they pulled back in 1997 when they started out, in their contract they had a monthly limit of 300MB and a FUP. In 1999 I had enough of their FUP when they called me for the hundredth time asking to not use my internet connection "so" much; they didn't dare define "so";


Telenet doesn't want to call its plans "unlimited," but it does say that "'fair use' means that you can send and receive a very large quantity of data via the Telenet network. Telenet will only ask you to adjust your consumption in the case of excessive volume consumption that may threaten the comfort of other subscribers."

geoffrey 20th August 2010 22:01

They do offer 100Mbit internet but sure it comes with a nice price too :)

jmke 20th August 2010 22:39

connection speed was never the issue. their limits are ;)

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