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jmke 30th November 2005 15:49

Intel Yonah Performance Preview - Part I: The Exclusive First Look at Yonah
Intel, oh Intel, how uninteresting your processors have been to us for so long now. Where have the days of the Northwood gone? Prescott brought us a minor bump in clock speed, minor increases in performance, and more importantly - major increases in power bills. But if any company can go down the wrong path for five years and still come out on top, itís Intel. So starting next year, weíll start seeing a new Intel. A more power conscious Intel and to kick it all off will be Intelís first Earth-friendly dual core processor: Yonah.

As the successor to the current Pentium M (Dothan) and the predecessor to next yearís Conroe, Merom and Woodcrest cores, Yonah is a very important chip. As a mobile processor Yonah will bring dual core to thin and light notebooks, basically anywhere youíd find a Pentium M, youíll now be able to find two Pentium Ms. The implications for mobile performance are huge, as multitasking on notebooks has rarely been all that great of an experience. At the same time, Yonah is so much more than just a dual core mobile processor - itís a predictor of the performance of Intelís next-generation desktop micro-architecture. Sure, it wonít have all of the architectural bells and whistles that weíll see when Conroe debuts at the end of next year, but itíll have many and that makes it a reference point.

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