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jmke 5th February 2009 16:23

Intel X25 SSD's Prices Slashed
The X25-M 80GB for notebooks dropped from $595 to just $390 whilst the X25-E 32GB, aimed mainly at enterprise, server, storage, workstations has gone from $695 to $415 for quantities up to 1,000.

Newer SSDs, including the X25-M 160GB and the X25-E 64GB have also hit Intel's cutting room floor, but the firm is not saying by exactly how much yet. When the devices shipped in December 2008, the X25-M 160GB was priced at $765 whilst the X25-E 64GB cost $795.

Kougar 5th February 2009 17:26

"Just announced"??? These price cuts occured over a week ago.

In fact, the X25-M dropped again from $399 to $369 shipped since then. Four months since it launched, $100 price cut every two months ontop of $30 cut this week.

Rutar 6th February 2009 09:30

woo hoo

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