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jmke 20th August 2004 11:27

The Intel Tejas Affair explained
CHAOS, PANIC, DISORDER, INTEL, turmoil, lollipops. One of these things does not belong.

Getting back to reality, Intel ripped up and tossed out almost all of its roadmaps this spring, that much we know. The question no one has answered is why?

Why did it toss out a CPU that by all accounts was weeks away from tapeout, and the insiders said was really all that it should have been? Intel was getting its act together, then out came the knives.

Sidney 20th August 2004 14:16

"Yes Boss, no problem."
"Ok boss, it will be done."
"Double the profit! Sure."
"Release the product, they won't find out for a few months."

All comes down to one word "GREED".

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