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jmke 23rd February 2008 15:43

Intel Skulltrail Platform Review
$3000 for two quad-core processors from Penryn family, $650 for a special mainboard and $200 for memory: this is a new exclusive dual-processor platform for enthusiasts from Intel. However, do investments like that really make sense for the sake of unattainable performance?

jmke 23rd February 2008 15:44


Contemporary gaming tests show that Skulltrail is completely out of range here. In all tests we performed, Skulltrail loses to a single-processor system with Core 2 Extreme QX9770 processor. And it happens not only in those games that do not support multi-threading, but also in such titles as Unreal Tournament 3 and Lost Planet: Extreme Condition that are pretty well optimized for multi-core systems. The explanation of this phenomenon is evident: the system should be well-balanced and have no bottlenecks like the memory subsystem in Skulltrail platform, only then it will run fast.
somebody tell me who this Dual "Xeon" system is for, not for gamers apparantly and Xeon workstations are cheaper... who then?

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