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Sidney 9th June 2005 23:05

Intel Second-Quarter Business At High End Of Expectations
SANTA CLARA, Calif., June 9, 2005 -- Intel Corporation expects revenue for the second quarter to be between $9.1 billion and $9.3 billion, as compared to the previous range of $8.6 billion to $9.2 billion, primarily driven by ongoing strong demand for notebook products.

The second-quarter gross margin percentage is expected to be approximately 57 percent, plus or minus a point, as compared to the previous expectation of 56 percent, plus or minus a couple of points. Gains from equity investments and interest and other are expected to be approximately $100 million, higher than the previous expectation of approximately $70 million.

Sidney 9th June 2005 23:07

Just as we the enthusiasts take AMD 64 over Intel Prescott, Intel's Q2 sales is higher than expected from strong notebook chipset sales. :D

Rutar 9th June 2005 23:12

Notebook sales have surpassed Desktop sales in the US, so the battle is on for that area

Sidney 9th June 2005 23:16

Where do you get the statement from?

Rutar 10th June 2005 00:53

Sidney 10th June 2005 01:51

For the month of May in non-pipeline delivery :)

If it represents retail sales, the figure might have not been reflected to OEM sales as it would have been taken place in Q1.

2Q doesn't end till July 2, yes Intel notebook chips sales is strong from based on sales mix. I'd bet the strong sales is not from the U.S.

I have put my money in AMD Stock the third time this year.

Sidney 10th June 2005 02:03

I also suspect the upped Q2 sales might have come from pipeline deliveries of dual processors to Dell, HP and Gateway that takes place from last month on.

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