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jmke 29th August 2010 17:08

Intel Sandy Bridge Preview
With Sandy Bridge, Intel integrated the clock generator, usually present on the motherboard, onto the 6-series chipset die. While BCLK is adjustable on current Core iX processors, with Sandy Bridge itís mostly locked at 100MHz. There will be some wiggle room as far as I can tell, but itís not going to be much. Overclocking, as we know it, is dead.

Cinebench was particularly surprising because it gives us a good opportunity to look at single threaded FP performance. Compared to a similarly clocked Lynnfield, Sandy Bridge can deliver 11% better performance. Compared to a similarly positioned Lynnfield, Sandy Bridge is about 20% faster. Note that this is without turbo enabled. The retail 3.1GHz chip should turbo up to 3.4GHz in this test, giving it a 9.6% frequency boost.

geoffrey 30th August 2010 19:47

if AMD allows overclocking past Intel performance, we're good to go :)

jmke 30th August 2010 20:20

the K series of Sandy will come unlocked, and they are the same price as current Core i3/i5, the locked will be cheaper;

not sure if AMD has something that can beat the single threaded performance of this CPU, just look at how much faster it is clock for clock... impressive!

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