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jmke 3rd November 2008 18:02

Intel's Vista: Nehalem
The Bloomfields reviews are out, and if most of you look upon them with an unbiased, unhyped eye, you now have a new reason to buy a Penryn. Unless you run a render farm, or media encoding is your life, you're not going to get much more out of a Bloomfield than you will from a Penryn. For the moment at least, it looks like if you're the OCing type, whatever extra you do get you'll mostly give back because the Bloomfield won't overclock as much.

That's hardly great news, but the really bad news is that it looks like you'll pay a good deal more for a Bloomfield package than a Penryn package. While DDR3 prices have gotten better, x58 mobo prices haven't. That's why these Bloomfields remind me of Vista. OK, you buy it, you make the additional purchases needed because it obsoletes what you have. What more do you get for all the money you just laid out? Most of the time, for most reading this, the answer is going to be, "Not much."

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