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jmke 20th September 2004 21:00

Intel's Dual-Core Demonstration – Real, Says Intel
Intel Corporation said Monday it had demonstrated a real dual-core microprocessor at Intel Developer Forum Fall 2004 in San Francisco, California, earlier this month, in a respond to an analyst who expressed doubts about feasibility of such demonstration by the world’s largest chipmaker.

“What we have demonstrated is a real dual core system demoed on an i915G platform – no fakes. We will disclose more details later,” an Intel’s spokesperson told X-bit labs.

Late last week Nathan Brookwood, principal analyst for Insight 64, expressed doubts about Intel’s ability to showcase a desktop system based on a dual-core microprocessor for desktop computers. He believed that either Intel had crammed two of its current Pentium chips into a single package that could be plugged into the socket of an i915 mainboard, had designed a dual-processor platform around its i915 chipset or, he said this had been the least likely scenario, demonstrated a real dual-core product.

“In his IDF keynote, Bill Siu demonstrated an Intel dual-core desktop PC using an engineering prototype running on an existing Intel 915 motherboard. The demonstration showcased a digital office collaboration scenario involving three individuals connected through VOIP and sharing a CAD design document,” the spokesman explained.

“Intel plans to deliver dual-core processors in its mobile, desktop and server market segments in 2005. Other than that, we are not providing anymore details on our desktop plans at this time: no details on architecture, brand, more granular timing, etc.,” Intel’s representative continued.

Intel and AMD hav e both showcased functioning dual-core processors for servers: Intel Itanium 2 “Montecito” and AMD Opteron “Egypt”. Besides, Intel demonstrated its dual-core mobile chip code-named Yonah at the most recent IDF show.

“We have never “trumpeted out”, as the analyst calls it, news just before IDF. We have always saved news for this event and showed the respective demos on stage rather than “trumpeting” this out a couple of days before,” Intel stressed.

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