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jmke 12th December 2005 23:43

Intel's CSI to outperform AMD's Hypertransport
Intel has an answer for AMD's Hypertransport and thinks its technology stacks up pretty well. In fact, Intel is telling customers that it has AMD beat, starting in 2008.

Intel's CSI high-speed serial interconnect was first meant to appear in a Xeon chip code-named Whitefield. That processor, however, met an untimely death as Intel India mucked up the CSI implementation and forced Intel to rework its plans. As of last check, Intel will now introduce CSI in the Tukwila version of Itanium due out in 2008.

Our sources indicate that an inexperienced Indian staff and not the technology itself was to blame for the Whitefield CSI miss. Intel has been telling customers that CSI will deliver all of the benefits of Hypertransport. And it will be found on chips with integrated memory controllers, putting Intel back on par with AMD.

Sidney 13th December 2005 01:22

AMD R/D staffs sleep for 1,000 days, Intel will be ahead of Intel?? Is this the assumption?

Rutar 13th December 2005 11:19

2008 o_O

wutske 13th December 2005 12:14

enough time for AMD to tweak and tune their HT-bus :D .

Rutar 13th December 2005 14:03

so, the 2008 is not a typo?

wutske 13th December 2005 15:27


Originally posted by Rutar
so, the 2008 is not a typo?
Nope, unless Ashlee managed to make the same type 4 times :D .

Does anybody know how long it will take before it'll be used in normal non-Itanium desktop, or how long will we have to work whith the slow FSB while AMD is racing down the track w/ it's HT bus :D .

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