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jmke 12th February 2007 10:30

Intel Reveals more about 80-core CPU
Anandtech has an look at Intel's upcoming multi core technology, not Quad/Octa but 80-core CPU:

"A year and a half later, Rattner was back but this time he was tackling another aspect of the era of tera - bus bandwidth. Although 3D die stacking will help keep many cores on a single die fed with data, the CPU still needs to communicate with the outside world. FSB technology, especially from Intel, has remained relatively stagnant over the past several years. If we're talking about building CPUs with tens of cores, not only will they need tons of memory bandwidth but they'll also need a very fast connection to the outside world.

Sidney 13th February 2007 04:12

Intel teraflop chip on board


This is how Intel demonstrated the chip for reporters. Several power supplies were required, and Intel also needed to build a special motherboard. Engineers showed how Intel can obtain different levels of performance by tweaking the chips' clock speed and voltage supply while running an application that solved complex mathematical equations.

Credit: Intel

jmke 13th February 2007 08:07

guess the aircooler installed on there:)

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