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jmke 2nd November 2004 18:27

Intel Reportedly Plans to Release New Itanium 2 in Days
Intel Corp. will update its Itanium 2 family of multiprocessing units next Monday with the release of a number of new Itanium 2 processors with boosted clock-speeds and enlarged cache sizes accelerating the computing speed for high-end servers.

Intel Itanium 2 processors with Madison 9M core are designed for powerful multiprocessor servers and will be available at speeds of up to 1.70GHz with 9MB, 6MB and 4MB L3 cache. Intel also has plans to roll-out cut-down version of Madison 9M – code-named Fanwood – for dual-processor servers and workstation. Both Fanwood and Madison 9M will use 400MHz processor system bus and will be drop-in compatible with existing infrastructure, sources said. Future incarnations of Madison 9M and Fanwood will get 667MHz and 533MHz Quad Pumped Bus respectively.

The world’s largest chipmaker Intel in the past updated its Itanium 2 family with high-end SKUs in mid-year; the company also was expected to release its code-named Madison 9M products during IDF Fall 2004 in early September, 2004, but then cancelled such plans.

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