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Sidney 17th September 2007 18:50

INTEL Q6600 Quad Core Processor Review
One of the most asked questions on the HL forums over the past month has been "What processor should I buy?". It's a difficult question, but certainly a valid one. Those looking for the best VALUE, I'll usually recommend either Intel's E6850, featuring two cores operating at 3.0GHz on a 1333FSB, or Intel's Q6600, which offers four cores operating at 2.4GHz on a 1066FSB. Both the E6850 and Q6600 are available at most retailers in the $270-300 range, making them a great balance of performance and price.

Sidney 17th September 2007 19:10


Q6600 was the price gouging that seemingly plagued the market after INTEL had announced a large price reduction to take affect on July 22nd. With INTEL's Suggested Retail Price set at $266, it was difficult to find the processor anywhere close to that (in fact I paid $300 at my local Fry's Electronics)
The $266 price is for 1000-piece lot, no way near price gouging. Business has to make some money. I love it when people making stupid comments.

Kougar 17th September 2007 22:17

Might have been "gouging" when the same Q6600 cost $856, but certainly not now. Can find the Q6600 for <$275 for past couple days...

Turns out I was wrong about how well my "G0" Q6600 overclocks though... it gives errors at high FSB's. 6 x 400FSB = 2.4Ghz, 24 hour Othos small-fft stable, but F@H unstable and will NaN or EUE the work units in under a minute.

Sidney 17th September 2007 23:11

That's interesting to know. Would you give more detail to come to a more convincing conclusion of the FSB limit at merely 400?

Kougar 18th September 2007 17:15

I made a thread

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