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jmke 1st August 2004 18:18

Intel Preps New “Extreme Edition” Chips for Socket 478, Socket 775
In an attempt to strengthen product lineup Intel Corporation has included a number of new chips into its plans. The new microprocessors to be introduced later this year will sharply modify the family of Intel’s central processing units, as the new chips do not fit into the general roadmap submitted by the Santa Clara, California-based chipmaker earlier this year.

Intel on Friday sent its partners a document informing them about implementation of a new packaging system for Intel’s tray processors. In an enclosure to the document the company indicated product codes of the chips to be supplied in the new packaging. Among the list of products a number of unannounced central processing units were mentioned.

The main message Intel sends to its clients with updated chip plans is that the company wants to continue offering 90nm products for older generation Socket 478 infrastructure, but also to introduce a number of 130nm processors for the emerging Socket 775 infrastructure.

Sidney 2nd August 2004 17:10

Now, would the 130nm S-775 be more relaxed in thermal output to arrive even better OCing result?

But, who wants to pay for higher cost DDR2 at current stage while performance gain is marginal over DDR?

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