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jmke 19th January 2009 18:59

Intel Plans 160-Gbyte SSDs for Notebooks
Intel plans to ship a 160-Gbyte 2.5-inch solid-state disc drive (SSD)in a month's time, company executives plan to announce at the Intel Developer Forum on Tuesday.

Intel plans to launch the X-18M and the X-25M SSDs for notebook computers and Mobile Internet Devices in 30 days, at both 80- and 160-Gbyte capacity points. The 32-Gbyte and 64-GB X25-E SSD for enterprise servers and workstations will be released in 90 days, according to Troy Winslow, Intel's marketing manager for the NAND group.

Both the X-18M and X-25M use multi-layer cell technology, a more sophisticated version of flash than the single-layer-cell technology it evolved from, which then X25-E uses. As the name suggests, the X18-M is a 1.8-inch form factor, while the X-25E fits into the 2.5-inch form factor incorporated by laptops.,2817,2328330,00.asp

Kougar 20th January 2009 00:52

They are a bit late on the news, as usual. ;) Drive has been on sale for at over a week

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