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jmke 25th May 2004 10:21

Intel Pentium4 "Prescott": To Scale or not to Scale @ LOSTCIRCUITS

We finally finished our long-overdue comparison between the Northwood, the Prescott and the ExtremeEdition Pentium4. The overall performance has been established in rather great detail elsewhere, however, there appears to be still a hefty abuse of those buzzwords about scalablity and the better performance headroom of the new Prescott also known as P4E. Amongst the issues that are potentially misleading are the conditions under which scalability can be measured. That is, in typical overclocked conditions, at least CPU centric benchmarks should scale in an almost linear fashion, however, the situation is quite different when migrating to higher speedgrades by means of increasing the CPU multiplier while maintaining a constant host bus (or processor system bus) frequency.

We have addressed some of these issues by means of benchmarks and added a bit of spice by looking at some other issues recently in the focus of attention. A case in point is the relation between resistor size, interconnect process and leakage current.

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