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jmke 19th September 2008 22:57

Intel Nehalem CPUs expected to boost substrate demand
The launch of second-phase Intel Nehalem-based CPUs (scheduled for the third quarter of 2009) is expected to have a corresponding impact on substrate demand, according to industry sources. Although the number of IC substrates will decrease, flip-chip (FC) substrates will increase in terms of their number of layers, while substrate area will also be larger due to the integration of several ICs.

For Intel's Lynnfield products, each chip will integrate several IC including CPU, memory controller, and GPU using a multi-chip-package (MCP) design. Additionally, corresponding platform control hub (PCH) chips will become more complex due to the combining of northbridge and southbridge functions into a single chip.

The relocation of the GPU from the northbridge IC to the CPU package will require a change from using BGA (ball grid array) to FC packaging.

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