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Sidney 11th October 2005 03:55

Intel Moves From Dual Core To Double Core
Those chips that pass the function test will now be speed and voltage rated. Specimens with high clock speed tolerances will become fast single core Pentium 4 processors, while the others can be matched and fit into double core Pentium D models.

There is, however, one major disadvantage to pooling two basically independent cores into one package. Each time one core needs to access data the other one is working with, the system bus has to be utilized. It is not hard to imagine that this can cause a considerable overhead. And this is not only the case for the double core 65 nm Presler chips, but also for the 90 nm Smithfield dual core, which is little more than two cores merged into one die. On the other hand, a shared cache design raises the problem of cache allocation for each core, which is why neither AMD nor Intel have this type of product yet.

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