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jmke 16th January 2006 22:42

Intel Macs May Boot Windows XP After All
While we'll have to wait till someone actually tries it to get absolute confirmation, news coming from Intel in Australia, reported here by Dan Warne in the Australian Personal Computer magazine, is that the new Intel-based Macs may be able to load and boot Windows XP after all. Several of the early stories after the announcement of the MacBook Pro and the Intel-based iMac assumed that Windows XP would not boot on Intel Macs, since XP doesn't support EFI (replacing BIOS in the new Macs), and Apple's statement that they wouldn't prevent the use of XP on Apple hardware didn't really give people much assurance either way. This statement from Intel implies that there is really no issue

piotke 17th January 2006 11:45

It's yes - no - yes - no story. One day it works, the other it doesn't

Rutar 17th January 2006 11:47

Apple are shooting themsleves in the foot

It would make sense to make people buy the mac with having the backup option of XP if they don't like OS X Tiger, thus reducing the fear of the mac.

After 1 day of use, they won't think a second about installing XP anyway.

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