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jmke 21st March 2006 11:34

Intel to Lower Power Consumption of Pentium D to 95W
Intel Corp. has indirectly confirmed the anticipated release of the Intel Pentium D model 960 at higher clock-speed and also said that future revisions of its Pentium D 950 and 940 processors will have lower power consumption compared to today’s versions.

In a document for customers Intel said that the Pentium D 940 (3.20GHz) and 950 (3.40GHz) with C1 core-stepping will change from the 2005 performance FMB (130W) to the 2005 mainstream FMB (95W), which means that all processors in the Intel Pentium D 900-sequency, possibly, except the Pentium D 960 (3.60GHz) and the Extreme Edition, will have thermal guideline of 95W

David Harens 26th June 2006 18:40

I have a D 960 with a Zalman cooler that I think is overheating. I saw an intel spec that 130W and 68 degrees as a maximum but my system regularily hits 70 degrees at full utilization. What is a thermal guideline and how does it effect the heat maximums? Thx

jmke 5th July 2006 11:38

download ThrottleWatch and see if under full load your CPU starts slowing down (throttling); if yes, than it IS overheating, if not, you are in the safe zone;

what kind of case & cooling do you have? this will impact performance a lot too

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