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jmke 23rd July 2008 09:13

Intel Larrabee Dev boards coming in November
INTEL IS AHEAD of schedule with Larrabee. Initial boards are going to be shipping to devs in November. Before you get your hopes up, these are not consumer parts, nor were they meant to be. Dev means developer, and chances are the epic MMO that you are whipping up in your mom's basement does not qualify.

The initial boards are meant to code against, and they will do that nicely. They will not be at the final clock, final core counts, or final anything however. If you want to get your feet wet, Intel should have a board for you in a few months.

jmke 23rd July 2008 22:11


Larrabee first silicon should be late this year in terms of samples and we’ll start playing with it and sampling it to developers and I still think we are on track for a product in late ’09, 2010 timeframe.
truth to this Inquirer story:)

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