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Sidney 15th March 2005 13:46

Intel invents new kind of chip socket
NEW SOCKETS FOR ALL! The Intel trolls in the socket planning division must be getting massive overtime this year. Fresh from the news of Socket 480 (and the correction here), and the fact that not all LGA775 sockets are the same, we bring you yet another socket shocker.
Get ready for LGA771. Take a look at this slide from an Intel press presentation on dual cores at the Intel Development Forum. Note the socket. Before you all write, it is not a typo. I asked.

Yup, another socket, and if it is not painfully clear from the slide, this is the new DP Xeon socket, which raises the possibility of a new Xeon MP socket. While a new MP socket would make a lot of technical sense, and ease life for people like me, geeks fear change, and this is a change.

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